Why would I pay for my English lessons when I can get them for free? by Bev Sisson - Teacher of English as a Second Language

Why would I pay for my English lessons when I can get them for free?



Why would I pay for my English lessons when I can get them for free?

Have you ever asked/been asked this question?

As a teacher it can be undeniably annoying. However as a student, it’s a fair enough question. It’s not rocket science; if you can get it for free of course it is worth it! Or is it?........

You pay for it with effort.....

The free route often takes more time than the paid for alternative. How often have you searched for “free” information, after spending hours filtering through irrelevant websites and having adverts hurled at you from every direction you just give up. At this point it’s good to think of time as an opportunity cost. What value does your time have? What could you be doing instead? Oh and do you really want to sign up to that mailing list?

Free information is found here, there and everywhere. It takes a lot of time copying snippets of valuable information, then pasting it all together with a hope of creating something legible. Or taking a youtube video from here and a blog from there, filtering through, missing important pieces of information.

It is a question of trust!

You know that saying “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is?” I believe it. Free information is often not the ‘best’ out there. Oh how annoying is it that on that rare occasion you actually do find some exciting free course, just what you needed, then low and behold, you receive a miniscule of content and have to pay for the rest!

A sense of value....

For most people, if you are given something for free, you are ecstatic! You feel the luckiest person in the world…. For about a day!

However, if you work hard, save up for something you will value it far more, and for more than a day.

That Guarantee......

When you purchase a book or course, information will be assembled in an organized manner ensuring you will be learning the correct material at the correct time. An author/teacher will take the time for you. Do the research, deal with the annoying adverts, join the mailing lists and interview experts gathering their findings. Unlike a freebie, when you spend money on something you can feel confident in the fact that if the seller has not produced what they promised, you can claim a refund. Social Media is a magnet for unsatisfactory reviews and no one wants to see their name or product being bad mouthed on Facebook!

So, now re ask yourself that same question we started with:

Why would I pay for my English lessons when I can get them for free?

And yes, it isn’t rocket science; if you want a quality product, it makes absolute sense to pay for it.

As I mentioned earlier, we all love a freebie so you can click below to get one lesson free, my colleagues and I are more than confident in our abilities so there is no obligation. We are waiting to see you in Oxinity!

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