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HR Newsletters and Resources for English teachers

I recently started taking a new look at my career prospects. Having a long resume can be a great thing, but it comes as a cost! I have worked in several, very different fields, and one of them is HR. These different fields are hard to keep up to, especially in more research-based ones where the latest published study is usually the most discussed.

I decided to refocus my time into more of a productive experience, rather than always looking at memes when I was on the train. This led me to follow different blogs and subreddits related to my career interests. And I know reddit is not such a popular website in Spain I decided to post different threads (While crediting the original creators!) that were interesting and helpful for other people as well.

As such, I decided to first share this post by user /r/dansmolkin in which he lets us join him in his search for up-to-date articles and newsletters.

In here I link his google document which goes over everything and demonstrates a great depth and understanding of what HR is:

Dan's HR Resources


Some of the pages that surprised me the most and that are now in my bookmarks are these:

  1. HR DIVE
  2. TLNT
  4. DELOITTE (Bersin by Deloitte is a one of the most important leaders within HR internationally)
  5. (A great newsletter to check weekly)

Hopefully we can all learn or discover new ways to improve in our own fields!

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