How does Oxinity work by Radmila Gurkova - Cofundadora de Oxinity

How does Oxinity work

Over the past 3 years we’ve been designing and building a different company. Not only different from what we used to be in the past, but different from any other traditional language learning institution.  

Why is Oxinity so different? There are three distinctive differences from the market: our attitude to teachers, our product and our business model

The very essence of our company, our vision and mission, puts the teacher in the centre of the teacher-learning experience. Our ethos is that learners benefit much more from their classes if their teachers are impeccably prepared. Teachers, on the other hand, need a lot of support and user-friendly tools so that their preparation is easier and their workload reduced. Only that way can a teacher release their full potential and give the best of themselves for the benefit of the students. 

As we see it, if we give you the How and the What, any person can teach their language. Speaking a language is innate in human beings and anyone in the world can become a language teacher if they have the right guidance and tools. In Oxinity we provide a platform for ready-to-use lesson plans with fully developed guides for the teachers and a digital version for the students. Teachers with validated experience share their activities and everyone can use them and learn from them.
It is our mission to provide
 the teachers with technology and quality material to compete with any player (big or small) in the market with full guarantees. That way they can grow better and faster in students, even beyond their individual capacities to take hours, and we help them manage these hours through our “bank of hours”. 


Why is Oxinity disruptive? Our teachers are our main asset, the engine of growth and carriers of language and culture. Not just cost.

The teacher’s factor is determinant to understand our ethos. While the market sees teachers as cost and tries either to eliminate it (creating language Apps for instance) or reduce it (academies reduce salaries in order to be competitive), we see teachers as our main asset, vehicles of language and culture and a growth engine. 
Teachers are our partners, not our employees.  

That idea, aligned with a distinctive way of classroom behaviour and practices, constitutes the Oxinity identity and defines a great product behind our service. You can always recognize an Oxinity teacher out of any other language teacher. Our teachers have great tools and teaching techniques that affect positively the learning outcomes.


A win-win business model for English teachers 

There is no gain if it doesn't involve the two parties and our teachers' success is what matters in the first place. Only if teachers achieve their goals in terms of growth, we grow as well. 
By reducing the workload of our partners, they increase their capacity of taking students. We optimize their schedules using geolocation and help them recruit their first students. We understand very well that the main concern of a teacher is to get more hours and we provide them and make it simpler to them to reach more students. 

Therefore Oxinity only grows if any individual in it grows in the first place. We want to be that partner that supports the teachers in their professional journey, the ones that take care of teachers' and learners' needs and provides feasible solutions to minimize workload and optimize results and income. 

We look forward to welcoming YOU on board as well. Welcome to the language teachers' revolution!

21 April 2021

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19 April 2021

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