Inbound Marketing for English teachers by Ana Elena Kramarenko - Profesora de inglés experta

Inbound Marketing for English teachers


Inbound marketing for English teachers is the new strategy we have to use to reach our students

Inbound marketing nowadays subsitutes what we used to call "traditional marketing"

Most of us, English teachers, are struggling with one of the most important issues: how to get more students. We can post weekly or daily new ads in the most important market places, we can print flyers and posters and distubute them in public places, target areas and so on. But what if we yet do not achieve desirable results? Here is when the most common excuse comes up: we are not salesmen, we are English teachers, we know how to do our best at teaching, but we don´t know how to sale our product.

Now it is the time for English teachers to think about inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a great new strategy implemented in many marketing agencies, but we don´t have to be genius to expose our strengths and experiences using this tecnique.

So what is inbound marketing about?

We are not salesmen, but we are able to create a relevant and interesting content about what we are doing - teaching - the content which can satisfy our visitors´ need. Inbound marketing is about creating a content, though writing blog posts and articles online, about what our potential clients would be interested in. To get the lead we have to ensure that visitors to our blog trust us.

We must avoid intrusive sales. In inbound marketing we should attact the clients with the content we create at the adequate moment, using tecniques like SEO (keewords planning, timelines, geographic location of the area we teach in).

Later on in inbound marketing we have to transform our visitors into potential clients

How? Once we have a quality content, inbound marketing can be implemented at this stage using tools like contact form, direct chat, or other ways of communication. We should pay attention to what our potential clients ask us and be able to respond with the most relevant and detailed answers. For examples: blog post on "Free tips to improve English pronunciation" or online game on "Prepositions of time" etc. This way we creat a useful content for our visitors who probably will get back for new posts, because they are interested. But still, we are not selling anything directly.

Other stages in inbound marketing are defined as to get the lead (a trial class in case of English teachers) and consolidation of the client. We should improve the content and adapt it to those who are already our clients. Therefore we will be able to consolidate a long-term trustworthy relationship with our clients while attacting new visitors to our website.


Inbound marketing has brough brilliant results for those who are constant at what they are doing, and worring about the quality of the content they are creating. What if you try using inbound marketing for English teachers?


21 April 2021

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