Introducing ..... myself! by Robert King - Profesor de inglés

Introducing ..... myself!

Introducing ….. myself!  I’m Robert, I’m a native English speaker, born in the UK, but now I’m fortunate enough to live in the glorious Sierra Nevada mountains of Granada province in Andalucia, Spain.  More particularly, I live in a very enchanting region called the Alpujarras, a beautiful mountain area peppered with tiny white villages, perched on the hillside, at an altitude of 1200 metres above sea level, more or less.  In my blogs I am sure to return to talk about this fabulous region, famous for its Berber architecture, but first, I promised to introduce myself.

I am a teacher by career, having worked some years in a language school in Greece, then in the British education system, in a large secondary school in east London.  Here my two subjects were English and Drama.  I have also worked in the theatre professionally and have experience of directing theatre.  This skill is something that I bring to my English language lessons.  In the end it is all about communication and getting your point across.  It’s not just the words you say but the way you say them.  Role play, in my opinion, is an excellent way of learning and practicing a language.  I firmly believe that if you can find the right context and the right motivation then the language will come naturally.

So, if I were to be your English teacher you can be sure that our lessons will be lively and dynamic.  Useful if you have a special interview or presentation to prepare, but essential if you are going to use English to make an impact in your life and situation.  When English teaching becomes language coaching, that’s where I can help.

My less theatrical interests include walking, gardening and my dogs - I have two delightful dachshunds otherwise known as teckels or sausage dogs.  Maybe you can get to know a little about them in our lessons.

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