Learning English after 60. by Sonia Mendes - Online English Teacher

Learning English after 60.

What are the benefits of learning a second language after 60.

This is one of the groups that I prefer teaching.

I have a couple of students that always make my day when I have them in class. I have fun and they have fun and that couldn’t make me more proud of them. On top of learning a new language, they are exercising their brain and improving their wellbeing.

At this age women and men are willing to learn because they have time to do it, because they feel good when they are learning and that is one of the most important things when you are getting older, to feel good, to feel alive and to feel that there are still goals to pursue.  After 60 it’s time to enjoy life, to travel, to get in contact with people from other countries thanks to social media, to exercise the brain.

In an interesting article from “Sixty+me” there are mentioned a few reasons to learn a second language after 60:

  1. Getting more from your travel adventures
  2. Keeping your mind sharp
  3. Enhanced culture appreciation
  4. Finding new reasons to enjoy exotic foods


Reasons number 1 and 2 are definitely the ones that lead women and men after 60 to look for a teacher. Unfortunately, covid-19 put us on standby in what concerns travelling but hopefully situation will change soon and then it’s time to restart travelling. And most important nr. 2, learning a second language it’s a defense to keep the memory engine working.

It’s never too late to start learning a second language.

If you are over 60 we teachers of Oxinity welcome you!

And what type of activities will I do in class if I register at Oxinity? I've never learnt English?
- Vocabulary: teacher will introduce words that are similar in English and your mother tongue to get familiar with
- Main verbs: you'll start leaning the most important verbs such as to be, to do, to play, to go, to eat. Verbs to express your daily activities.
- Questions: english question structure can be quite different from the native one, therefore the teacher will focus on explain what is the stucture in english
- Daily conversation: teacher will introduce the way to talk about greeting, wheather, likes and deslikes.
And most of all, all these will be taught in a very dynamic way, using images, mimic, small videos when possible and and always respecting the student's pace.
The groups of 3 students are made taking in consideration the level of the student, so that all are in the same condition.

You can book a class for free and see how easy it is to handle the platform.

We are waiting for you ;).

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