Adapting to the New Reality via learning English by Tommy Galvez - English Teacher / Language Coach

Adapting to the New Reality via learning English

Why is learning and practicing English important in today's New Reality?

English, apart from being one of the languages most used for Business, Health, Social  and International Communications in general, it is a great tool to improve your Soft Skills such as your Adaptability, Communication, Belief, Time Management, Stress Management, and Conflict Management. 

The act of learning and practicing English as a Second Language involves comprehending how you understand your thought process, criteria, and the use of prior knowledge to interpret the information you perceive. 

As we all know, the more information we have, the broader our vision is. This allows us to have a better view of our own reality and by this making it clearer to make better and more productive decisions. 

Learning English is not just about Grammar rules, Pronunciation and Intonation which is the simple part of it as it's just about practice. To fully and effectively learn the language, it is important to make it part of your daily reality. To associate everything that you Input and Output from your mind and feelings. This will make learning English a lot more natural and less academically structured. Communicating is a natural characteristic every living organism has. 


How can we learn English in a simple , fun and effective way? 

There are many ways. I will mention three.

  • It is important to learn vocabulary and to use it on a daily basis and create new information in English. When you learn (INPUT) new vocabulary and then use it (OUTPUT) you create a balance and it's when you start advancing and noticing how your thoughts, speech and feelings start happening in English. 

  • Not trying to learn alone. We are born in society and the way we all learn is following the guidance of others who already have the experience. English Teachers are the best guides you can get. English teachers have a different nature in the way they live. We truly enjoy showing, sharing and teaching from our experience with the learner’s improvement as the main goal. English teacher’s Intentions are always focused on helping others become better at what they do. 

  • Today, thanks to technology and all the great advances in Human Behaviour, Learning and Thought Patterns, we have access to very simple but very advanced tools that can help us all achieve our new English Communication Skills as well as develop the Soft Skills needed  to stay active and successful in the New Reality. 


Here at, we integrate all this into a simple but powerful system that empowers us as teachers and you as learners to bring out the best version of yourself. We are the only OnLine International Community dedicated and adapted to the New Reality working together in a collaborative environment bringing together the best practices, experience, intentions, and opportunities for all our students.

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