A native English teacher who can help you perfect your English! by Rachel Foster - Profesora de inglés

A native English teacher who can help you perfect your English!

I am a 22-year old graduate from England. I did a bachelor's degree at the University of Nottingham in Modern Languages so I also speak French, Spanish and German. 
I have always had a strong passion for languages and whilst I have yet to perfect my languages, I still want to learn more new ones! It soon occured to me that I am very lucky to speak English as a native language especially with globalisation and countries working together and needing a mutual language. 
For this reason I want to use the skills that I have gained over the years to help people all over the world learn English from me! 

I have always been a hard working, up-beat and positive person. I strive for the best whilst also being kind to myself and others. I find the world a fascinating place and think it is amazing how many different cultures, languages and people there are out there! During Universtiy I was part of a scheme to help students in secondary schools from poorer backgrounds to help them build their skills and strive for more than what they already had. I met students aged 14 every week for an hour each and spent 1-1 time with them helping them with whatever they wanted to do. One student asked me to teach her German from beginners and it was really amazing to see the progress she made in a short time just from my undivided attention and the material and preparation that I did to help her. I helped another student who was struggling with science by doing revision techniques with her and she went from getting 40% to 80% in the end of unit tests. This was incredibly rewarding for the both of us! Those are just two examples of how I began to realise the benefits that come from sharing my knowledge with others and what great results can be achieved! 

During my year abroad at university I lived and worked in Dortmund, Germany for 6 months where I was an Online Editor and Social Media Manager. I would write daily content for the company that promoted holidays and trips for people at an affordable price. I translated travel magazines, did SEO optimization for the website and worked in making graphics for the social media platforms whilst managing the Instagram and Facebook for my team's project. I learnt so much from this experience. 
I also worked and lived in Peru for 4 months where I taught in two different schools. One in Cajamarca and one in Tarapoto. Both schools were very different and I got to learn a lot about different teaching styles and how to work with students from aged 3 up to 16. Each individual had such different learning styles and abilities which meant that us teachers had to adapt and help them in the most effective way possible. The experience in Peru has given me the confidence and skills that I will carry on further in my teaching journey.

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