Recycling Wasted Time by Simo Seppälä - Profesor/a de inglés

Recycling Wasted Time

                             Recycling Wasted Time


“The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time”.

  • Bertrand Russel


I have realized often that what I consider as my weaknesses, have become my greatest strengths. By wasting time, I have understood what I really liked.

When I was in high school, we had the last matriculation exams. Everybody was competing for good results since they would have a part in play for our futures. Some people chose the subjects based on what they liked. Others chose the subjects based on what their desired future careers might require them. Entrance exams to universities are a thing where I come from and the tested subjects don´t always reflect the realities of the profession.

What became clear to me that those who chose to follow what they liked did much better than those thinking too much ahead. Doing what you like will always get you somewhere. Don´t fight your nature.

Introducing myself to Oxinity, I was told that keeping a blog would be highly beneficial for my visibility as a teacher. I was contemplating for quite a while, what I would write about since I have no significant experience in teaching. I see my colleagues writing well and in-depth about different educational topics and methods so how I am going to stand out? How can I keep writing about subjects that I can only express through my own relatively unremarkable experiences?

Time and time again I realize that what keeps me going forward is not the things that I have to do out of duty and even when finished, they do not necessarily bring me feelings of accomplishment. During everyday duties and chores, I, and many others (I hope), find themselves procrastinating.

One thing in a surprising manner unites all these moments wasted hesitating what I should be doing. That is, every time I am “wasting” my time, I am always listening, watching, or reading about subjects that I enjoy and feel passionate about. Whether it is me listening to a political podcast or watching running videos it is time wasted. Even though they say: “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time”. Paradoxical situation.

We know life is full of things we must just do as part of our daily life. But what if we could gain something of procrastinating amidst our interests?

This brings me to my vital point of the text. What is language? There are surely many good answers. What language primarily is for me, an instrument. A tool to understand, communicate and learn about our interests and passions. Language is an instrument for our encoded social nature that urges and rewards us for coming together, especially during these times of social distancing and enhanced loneliness.

So, what will make us the most efficient learners of a new language is to get together and keep our passions close even if only for short periods at first. Everybody needs something to keep their attention and those things, at least for me, must always come from within.

There are no cutting corners in learning itself but creating context and content with your interests to the language learnt will make it that much easier.

See you and let´s waste time together


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