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Growth Milestones At Oxinity: Be An Expert, Not A Salesperson

Is there any hope for English teachers in today's market situation?

The biggest challenge English teachers face today is competing in a market, where marketplaces turn ridiculously low prices of classes into their biggest slogan.

It is clear that no English teacher -not at least in Europe- can survive in this fierce price competition alone.  

Quality is key in order to outstand, but QUALITY IS NOT WITHIN A SINGLE TEACHER'S REACH. Quality is the result of a carefully implemented and tested system that guarantees good results to any learner, at any level, with any need, any time.

Competing alone and aiming for quality and the right price per hour that good teachers deserve is an impossible task for independent freelancers.

Quality is the alternative to a fierce market competing in low prices, but quality is not granted by a single teacher.

Product or Service

If you try to compete with the market alone and you only rely on your profile, then your profile becomes your product. You can lose 80% of the audience. The 80% that doesn’t recognise you as their teacher or can’t pay your price.

Sharing and cooperating for a winning model

We can't expect a single student to pay what a teacher deserves to make a good living. But we can achieve it by grouping 3 students per class. 

3 students can provide a rate per hour of 42€ for teachers, although it’s difficult for a teacher to group them in the same group alone. 

But if we count on a system that groups students according to their availability and best convenience and allows teachers to decide the hours they would like to teach without losing students, then the teachers' rate per hour will increase while the students’ fee can be affordable for an amazing quality.

Teachers can choose who and when to teach keeping their rates high. Students can choose when to go to class keeping their fees low. It’s a WIN-WIN!


Nurturing a growth mindset

Henry Ford is known as an entrepreneur who has defied the status quo in the transport industry. Before him the most commonly used transport were horses. Until Ford showed people that cars could transport them further, faster and safer.

The main obstacle for growth is often our own fixed mindset. We fear changes, we feel threatened by the unknown, we avoid challenges, set as we are in our comfort zone.

Teachers often feel that if they try to get students, they will be “selling” and they are not willing to do so. Someone else should magically get students for them to teach. If you have that mindset, please meet Erica Feidner.

Meet Erica Feidner



Become an advisor for your potential students. Adopt an expert mindset.


If you are really an expert in your area, your first task should be the one of counseling, never selling. You have to educate your potential clients showing them that cars exist, even though they are used to horses.

A salesperson would say the customer is always right. There will be a yes to every demand in terms of type of class, duration, purpose, etc.

A great salesperson will even achieve to sell more hours. Not just 1 hour a week, but 2 or even 4. The more, the merrier.

An expert would anticipate both the problem and the solution of a learner, often with a value proposition that the customer has never heard of. Instead of 4 hours, try only 1 with this accelerating system and complementing it with a strategy that we’ll build specifically for you at no cost.

The most difficult questions in marketing are answered with the Oxinity tools and resources

In marketing, the main difficulties consist of creating content of value for our potentials. Creating a variety of high quality resources is a full time job.

So is creating the tools for landing pages, remarketing, metrics, identifying leads, salesforce and follow up systems. No single teacher, not even the majority of language schools can do that alone. 

Oxinity provides both tools and resources so that the only question for you is Who can I send this to?

You can have it all.
You are the expert.
You have a cutting edge teaching system for acceleration.
You have the tools. You have the resources.
We have the most outstanding community of language teachers with growth mindsets.
The question is: Are you inside or outside Oxinity?


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