So who is Carl Langwood? by Carl Langwood - Profesor de inglés nativo en Torrejon de Ardoz

So who is Carl Langwood?

As an experienced engineering manager in my past profession, I enjoy ensuring people achieve their goals. I always strive for the best results, whether that be an engineering feat or in my new chosen field of English Language tutoring. My approach is to find out what the student wants to achieve and then focus on guaranteeing that they achieve it.

As mentioned before, I come from an engineering background and have worked in the United Kingdom for just under twenty years in this particular field. During my time in London, I realised that I thoroughly enjoyed passing on my knowledge and experiences with less experienced colleagues that I met along the way. This ultimately led me to pursue the Cambridge certificate in teaching English to Adults (CELTA). I enjoyed this course so much that I went onto complete the TEFL teaching online course and today find myself once again back in school completing the Young Learner’s Certificate here in Madrid.

I am a native English speaker from Cape Town, South Africa who has travelled quite a bit! I have many tales to tell, which allows me to offer you exciting and fun lessons, no matter what your individual interests may be!

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