A little introduction to myself by Chris Biggs - Profesor de inglés

A little introduction to myself

Hola! So I thought I should write a little blog introducing myself and what I will be able to offer you as an English teacher. I'm Chris and I am 30 years old. I'm originally from Oxford and have just moved to Madrid about a month ago after deciding I wanted to get out of London, where I've been living since 2006 (as well as a 3 year stint in Brighton on the south coast of England). I recently completed a TEFL course after being made redundant from an office job in Canary Wharf and realising that the jobs I had been doing weren't fulfilling enough and feeling like I could do a lot more to help other people (and also live somewhere where the food and weather is much nicer).

I have a background in journalism and have worked with two of the UK's most popular newspapers as well as many other smaller publications and websites. Music is a huge passion of mine and it was writing about concerts and doing album reviews that I enjoyed the most when it came to journalism. Unfortunately it was quite difficult to find somewhere I could work that allowed me to pursue this dream so I took it upon myself to start my own magazine called Perfect Day. This project has been so much fun for me as I was able to have complete control over the style and contents of each issue as well as being able to include pieces of writing and artwork by my talented friends. Alongside Perfect Day some friends and I have been organising and promoting live and electronic music events in both London and Bristol for the past couple of years. Again, through this we have been able to give a platform for our friends to showcase their bands and DJing skills to large crowds, often being on the bill with some very popular artists.

And that leads me to here – working with Oxinity to help you improve your English language skills and seeing you grow in confidence with each lesson. I can offer classes to students of all levels as well as business English and classes tailored to you specific needs. If you're a journalist that wants to be able to reach a different market by writing articles in English then I would love to help you. Maybe you're the owner or the sound/lighting guy at a popular music venue and want to be able to converse with the English-speaking touring bands when they play your establishment in order to help the show run more smoothly. Similarly, you could be in a band yourself and wanting to make life a little easier when you go on tour in the UK or USA. Or maybe you're a promoter that wants to attract a wider audience by posting about your events on social media in English, bringing in holidaymakers or people like myself living in your beautiful city.

Please feel free to get in contact if you having any questions. Adios!

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