10 Reasons to Learn English by Rachel Foster - Profesora de inglés

10 Reasons to Learn English

10 Reasons to Learn English


1. English is the world language. 

Approximately 25% of the world’s population understand English to some level. Many places of work in business, science, law, tourism, education etc. use English as a mutual language

2. English will help you get a job and succeed in your career.

English is the dominant language in science, aviation, tourism, and technology. Many employers want English speakers; if you can speak English you have more of a chance to find work with multinational companies in your own country and abroad.  

3. Travelling is easier when you speak English.

If you are on holiday abroad it is most likely that the mutual language will be English. If you have a medical emergency or want to speak to the hotel receptionist in Cambodia, for example, it is very possible that English will be the language you use.

4. Learning English can help you meet new people.

English is the official language in 53 countries and is used as a mutual language all over the world. Imagine you are working or travelling abroad, even if you are with 2 people that speak your native language, but you are in a group of mixed nationalities, you will most likely speak English and make friends with people by speaking English.

5. Learning English gives you access to various cultures.

Learning about different cultures will develop you as a person as you learn about the values, way of life and habits of people from different cultures. You can access these different cultures with a good knowledge of English when you listen to music, watch films and read different literature.

6. You can study all over the world with English.

English is so widely spoken that many countries all over the world have universities and colleges that provide courses taught in English. Here you can improve your English whilst studying your favourite topics, meeting people from all over the world and  discovering a whole new country.

7. Access knowledge with English. 

Knowledge is power and much of the knowledge we access is through the internet. More than half of the content on the internet is in English, so be a part of that majority by learning English and accessing those resources!

8. Business growing with English. 

Are you interested in the world of business? Maybe you own your own business or you work for one and you want to expand further afield. Creating links with the US, UK, Canada and more will require good knowledge of English. So whether you are a boss, employee, or student, it will benefit you greatly to be able to speak English.

9. The world of science needs English.

Increasingly the publications of scientific papers are in English and scientific knowledge has to be shared globally. For countries to work together sharing evidence, findings and research a mutual language is paramount and you guessed it - it’s English! 

10. Learning English is fun.

So, you understand the benefits of learning English but let’s not forget - it’s fun too! Although sometimes it is challenging,  watching films, listening to music and reading books is fun, right? When you find the right teacher lessons are also super fun! Just treat it like you are having a chat with your friend, and before you know it, you are a part of something amazing!

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