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I recently read a (I must say) quite inspirational and nifty book called
"Steal Like an Artist" by Austin Kleon. This bestseller collects 10 tips
for the creator's mind, independent of what your art is or what you're
tryng to create. It's also full of boosting quotes from an array of artists.

Apart from being a wannabe actor and writer I am a dedicated and passionate 
English, Portuguese and Spanish teacher and translator, who found in 
this little gem some inspiration for uncertain times. Especially when the
day-to-day routine and this hideous pandemic have numbed your inner
child creativity.

In times like these, it is essential to keep your mind busy with what really
gets you moving. Whether it is a hobby, finding a job, taking some course
or learning/perfectioning a language. Here are the ten tips which give name
to each chapter:

1) Steal like an artist: The first chapter basically focuses on the idea that 
nothing is really 100% original. Most creators are inspired by others who they 
at the same time try to emulate. That's mostly how I learned my English. 
Trying to be as good as my favorite English teachers back in school and memorizing
my favorite actors' performances from the movies or scripts I love.

2) Don't wait until you know who you are to get started. In other words, we are practical
beings. It's in the process of doing what we do where we find our own voice and style.
For example, in my case, if I hadn't joined a Meisner Tecnique acting workshop,
I wouldn't have discovered how useful repetition is for my daily basis.

3) Write the book you want to read. Or make the music you want to listen and dance to.
This is, create things for your own sake and enjoyment, not thinking about others opinions
or criticism. Otherwise, we would never take the risk.

4) Use your hands. Once again we are practical beings, so the more hands-on and crafty
your projects are the more you'll get actively involved in them. It's called engaging!

5) Side projects and hobbies are important. Compartmentalizing is key, but also not 
obsessing over one single project too much. That may lead to stress and frustration, so
allow your different interests and passions to feed and inspire each other. 

6) The secret: Do good work and share it with people. Don't tell anyone I told you.
In other words, everybody needs some feedback and marketing. The more you share
the more opinions and views you'll get. Especially in this digital era. You just have to
use the proper tools propely!

7) Geography is no longer our master. Once again, this refers to the digital era
where we're not conditioned by borders and travel time anymore. The internet and
social media are great platforms to connect with people who have your same interests
and who you can learn from. 

8) Be nice (the world is a small town). Precisely, due to the previous tip, being nice and
respecting everybody's point of view is part of the tolerant, collaborating and good vibe 
culture creators want to have among themselves.

9) Be boring (it's the only way to get work done). It is well known that inspiration comes
at its best when we're hands on what we're working on. However, sometimes we also need
those breaks to clear are minds up, get distracted with other stuff and see things from a different perspective.
There's a lonely side to the creator's mind, but don't forsake your human day-to-day activities
and relationships.

10) Creativity is substraction. This means that in the same way a good movie needs good 
editing where a lot of scenes don't make the final cut in order to serve the final outcome, there's
always some trimming to be done and convey your ideas in a more approachable way for others.
You know what they say: less is more.

I hope these tips are useful. Don't forget to share!
To sum up the book's message, I thought of one of my favorite expressions 
right away: "Fake it 'til you make it".  I felt it was inevitable to link this to
the tips the author gave. Honestly, because if you don´t believe in yourself,
who else will?

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