The Start of my ESL Journey by Catherine Kilbane - Profesora de inglés

The Start of my ESL Journey

The start of my ESL journey

So, like many others, I had my year all planned out. Moving to China for a year to teach English to school children, before Covid-19 struck and put a stop to all my plans! So, I pulled forward my online teaching journey and here we are!

Working with different platforms to build my teaching experience

I completed my TEFL qualification in November, then in January started working with Paper Airplanes. They are an amazing charity who work with refugees and place them with English teachers to help them improve their English language skills for school or work. Here I provide weekly 1-2-1 lessons with a student on different topics depending on their level. I am able to build relationships and see the student’s confidence grow when they use English. It’s a great programme and one I really enjoy being a part of.

In March I also signed up to Palfish – a Chinese based teaching app, teaching children aged 3-12 English in 25 minute 1-2-1 sessions. Lessons are fun and high energy, especially keeping the younger children engaged for the full 25minutes!

Along with Paper Airplanes & Palfish, I started teaching online English classes through my website on a 1-2-1 basis with people from around the world who want to learn or improve their English. I love teaching people of all ages and hearing their different reasons for wanting to learn English. It is a great way to build relationships and learn about other countries and cultures at the same time.

I have also recently partnered with Oxinity to extend my teaching experience. This is a great online platform where teachers collaborate in providing well-structured lessons that cover all ages and levels. It’s a great community to be a part of where we all support each other as teachers to provide the best teaching experience for you the student!

I am only a couple of months in on my teaching journey, but I love speaking to each student and planning each lesson around their needs and making sure the lesson content is fun and interactive. I want my students to feel relaxed in their lessons and to enjoy their learning experience. Its great to see improvements week on week and see the students thrive in the (online) classroom!


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