The Must Have Reads for English Learners Over The Summer by Omar Hamid - Profesor de inglés

The Must Have Reads for English Learners Over The Summer

Summer and the holidays are almost here! 

As you begin to shut shut down your computers and prepare to swap the stuffy office for the sunny beach no doubt you must be in almost complete relaxation mode. 

If you are looking to keep your English up to speed and some light reading by the pool I have some recommendations below for you to consider. 

Sit back and enjoy! 

1) PG Wodehouse - The Code of the Wooster 
This is a classic of English literature. The author is famous and his English is masterful and nothing short of a work of art. Unlike any other books you can tell a Wodehouse classic from the first line. Set in the prewar period it is a funny and light comedy with the main protagonist, the easy going Bertie Wooster, being thrown into many difficult and bizarre situations by his eccentric family members. Part of a series it is a lovely way to settle into the summer routine. 

2) Anthony Trollope - The Way We Live Now
As a contrast to Code of the Woosters, this is a substantial and reflective satirical novel. Set during the Victorian era it is a societal condemnation of the greed and corruption prevalent at the time. It follows the story of Melmotte, a wealthy financier, with a shady past and the complex love story that unfolds regarding his daughter, as he tries to integrate into snobbish British upper class society.  Some have noticed a parallel with the modern times we inhabit and the Wild West of modern capitalism. 

3) Tim Alberta - American Carnage 
Bringing us back to modern times, American Carnage, is a political masterpiece that has just been published. It offers a fascinating insight into the rise of President Donald Trump in 2015/2016 and the dramatic transformation of the Republican Party, over the past decade, that he now leads. With candid interviews with some of the top Republicans it may confirm a lot of what you may think but for me, the real interests are in the analysis of the turbulent 2016 Presidential Election campaign and the reactions of those at the top of te Party. 

4) Raynor Winn - The Salt Path
For those interested in mindfulness and reflection this books gives you the opportunity to think and consider upon life. It recommends the regenerative power of walking and strolling through nature. It offers you the chance to really think about all the material things in your life and decide whether the pursuit of material objects is a priority in your life. If nothing else, this book will certainly disconnect you from the office grind very quickly!

5) Lucy Mangan - Bookworm: A Memoir of Childhood Reading 
For the nostalgic amongst you, this author encourages you to recall the books from your childhood. In a time when we are inundated by emails and iPads it takes you back to the time before the technology encroached on our daily lives. Any bookworms will recognise the story Mangan tells you about her childhood yearning for an escape from the everyday. I won't give you any spoilers but certainly the story told about Lucy Mangan and the 1980s London environs she grows up in provide anybody with a rich and enchanting chance to get lost and enjoy. 

I hope these 5 are a good starter and of course there are many choices but  hopefully this gives you solid place to start off. 
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