There's No Need To Cut The Flow Of Learning Anymore by Vaiva Markes - Profesor/a de inglés

There's No Need To Cut The Flow Of Learning Anymore

We live in a century which allows us that 100% flexibility, flexibility never known before. Ironically, thanks to the recent pandemic that helped to accelerate it more than anything else! In a massive discomfort, people sought to find the quickest comfort possible. In foreign language learning, with Oxinity and our technological solutions, I think we’ve achieved that comfort for ourselves and our students, and so much more than that.

As another summer is here, in between work or holidays, whatever is the current personal circumstance, to continue with language studies, without adapting to anyone, only the system to you, try a free trial class with us to experience a truly unique language learning model and methodology.


  • Connect to your personal profile and book a class at any time: morning, noon, or evening.
  • Thanks to our tightly collaborative community, you’ll find an available teacher anytime!
  • Your personal profile will always be full of activities to practice personally in a free moment when in the right mood.
  • Study from any place where there’s an Internet connection, it can be any place from a cosy home sofa or beach cafe.
  • Group classes up to 3 people.
  • Great chance to occupy children in a fun way while maintaining their skills!


Plus, many other great offers depending, as always, that is our priority, on each student’s needs and eventual goals.

Enjoy the summer and don’t forget to make it productive and unforgettable, in one way or another!

About the Author
Vaiva V. Markes is a TEFL & TESOL qualified English teacher currently living in Madrid, Spain. She has been teaching for over 3 years, working with kids, teens, adults and companies. She now teaches as a freelance, both, in private and using artificial intelligence via Oxinity platform to accelerate student's learning like never before.
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