Tips for Teachers by Inglés con Julie - Profesora de inglés en Majadahonda

Tips for Teachers

Here are some quick and simple tips for teachers to remember who are just starting out. It is always good to keep these tips in mind:

1. Spend some time in Introduction part to better know your students and let them remember you.


2. Pay attention to students talking time (STT) and teachers’ talking time (TTT). STT should be more than TTT. ALWAYS! 


3. Use teaching tools for better demonstration and extension of vocabulary or expression.


4. Have more interactions with your students by asking more questions and helping them to respond. Make sure they have enough chances to practice their speaking.


5. For more than 1 student class, give all the students enough chances to practice.


6. Help students to correct their pronunciation, intonation, grammar mistakes when you find they make mistakes.


7. For students who are not wanting to talk much,provide  more guidance for them, and remember always to be patient with them.


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