Transfer Your Offline Business In English Teaching Into Online by Radmila Gurkova - Cofundadora de Oxinity

Transfer Your Offline Business In English Teaching Into Online

What is OXINITY?


Oxinity is an EdTech company offering virtual franchises for teachers and academies. We have designed an all-in-one platform for offline and online classes, all material included, IT connection support, class management tools, scheduling collecting and CRM services.



What PROBLEM do we detect?

Academies provide mainly offline classes locally. With the current COVID-19 situation many of them have either to close (high overheads but no revenue) or they need to provide an online alternative. They then turn to Skype and Zoom in an attempt to keep their clients. Very soon students realise that they can find the same type of classes with cheaper providers or arrange them directly with the teacher at a lower price.

The academy as such becomes no longer necessary.



What SOLUTION do we provide?


We have created a platform for grouping students in open web classes with related services that achieves:


  1. Students to pay less.
  2. Margin of 40% for group owners (the academy). No cost of structure to reduce profit.
  3. Quality control over each class.



All-in-one PLATFORM for online and offline classes


 We have created a virtual campus with a version for teachers and students:

  1. an app for students with access to videoconference classes, class material, progress check and gamified after-class content practice
  2. an app for teachers/academies with schedules, ready-to-use class material, platform for registering students and classrooms, IT support, business growth reports and management of clients and revenue
  3. Our community of teachers is a resource that guarantees growing in students with no HR cost (no stress over finding new teachers).



What makes us DIFFERENT to the competition?


  1. We don’t need Skype or Zoom. We’ve designed a unique platform for grouping students in videoconference classes with all services incorporated
  2. The agent (academy) has full control over the quality in each class
  3. Authentic ready-to-use class material for any age, any level, any purpose
  4. We use big data to accelerate learning up to 4 times comparing to traditional methods
  5. Students receive immediate progress overview after every class
  6. Teacher performance and self-performance control in each class through graphs and stats
  7. Direct feedback checkup from students after every class



BENEFITS of having a virtual academy with Oxinity

  1. You reduce all cost of structure. No cost in overheads, utilities, text books.
  2. No need to hire more teachers to face fast growth. We have more than 160 teachers who deliver high quality classes and have been trained in using the Oxbridge English teaching system. We have proven to be able to face a growth in 1200 students a week.
  3. Margin of the franchisee of 50% over the revenue, minus 10% Oxinity fee = 40% profit
  4. Classes of 30 minutes each, from 08:00 to 21:00 hrs.

Grouping students in classes by videoconference. Up to 3 students.

Product at a much better quality.

  1. The system allows rotation of teachers so that students are exposed to different accents and cultural backgrounds under the same system.
  2. You can have your own website within the Oxinity umbrella to market.



How would you PROFIT?


Cost of teacher: 14€/hour.

RRP for students: 14€/hour.

For every student allocated in an open web class, the owner keeps 7€ or 50% of the RRP.

Cost: 10% Oxinity fee over each transaction.

Margin for owners: 40%.



How can we start our COLLABORATION?


  1. Our partners’ trust is essential. We offer each partner to have a two-month trial period with 10 students free of charge
  2. We involve all our partners in weekly activities, such as webinars, a Friday talk on education and growth and training sessions on quality teaching and promotions.


If you would like to receive more information on our franchise opportunities, please contact us through or

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