'Plan B' by Emma Lenanton - Profesora de inglés

'Plan B'

Growing up in the UK, I always thought I might move to Spain. I just never thought it would be during a worldwide pandemic rushing to beat a Brexit deadline. However, it was a consequence of these elements that encouraged my move.


I have worked in the travel industry for over 10 years. The highs and the lows we weather together as an industry suffering blows from volcanic ash clouds and one disaster after another; working in travel has never been ‘easy.’ It’s an industry with fluidity, moving people from place to place and experience to experience. The negative aspects are vastly outweighed by the positive however, mostly due to the unity we feel within the industry, alongside the friends we see from meetings to events, functions and parties, conferences to trade shows.


It was June 2020 when, after 3 months of setting up my own business in marketing and sales representation within the travel world, I was sat on my sofa in London for what felt like the 100th day in a row, and I realised I needed to think of something to do. Travel was not coming back any time soon. I had set up a travel business in February 2020. The timing was far from ideal.


That realisation was a bit of a blow.


The idea of studying for my TEFL came to me many years ago when I was on a gap year backpacking trip, but admittedly, it wasn’t until the effects of the pandemic started to take hold of the world, that I had the time, and developed the drive to complete it.


Doing the TEFL moved from something I would do ‘in the future’ to becoming something to be relied upon. A source of income, a vision for the future and doing something positive to benefit others. After I decided to study for the TEFL I then decided to move to Spain before the Brexit deadline landing into Barcelona airport in November 2020.


I love teaching. The people you meet, the connections you form and the satisfaction you feel when someone is obtaining knowledge you can impart. The transferable skills from a background in training and sales is perfectly suited to a teaching position if you have a knowledge of the English language and the ability to know how to communicate effectively.


While my beloved travel industry is on hold, I’ve learned how important it is to have a ‘Plan B.’ Depending on the field you are in, I think it’s always worthwhile to think outside the box and develop new skills and study something that interests you. I’ve been inspired by many of my friends who have opened their eyes to various pursuits because of the pandemic.


So…. If you are ever stuck for ideas, why not consider teaching English?



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