Aprende los verbos en pasado en inglés. A perfect day in the life of a dreamer (A2-B2) by Oliver Riddleston - Profesor/a de inglés

Aprende los verbos en pasado en inglés. A perfect day in the life of a dreamer (A2-B2)

La buena noticia es que aprender inglés es extremadamente fácil. En este caso os cuento mi día en inglés y espero que me podáis contar el vuestro. 
En pasado los verbos pueden ser regulares o irregulares, es decir, no siguen un patrón establecido. Pero os cuento un secreto: he usado los más frecuentes, así que vosotros podéis hacer lo mismo.

En cuanto a los verbos regulares, fijaros en la pronunciación. A veces suena como una T al final (worked), a veces como una D sonora (played) y a veces como ID (visited).

Walked (T)  Prepared (d)  Posted (ID)




Let me tell you about yesterday. It was the greatest day ever! You will not believe what happened to me!

Part 1. morning motivation, starting the day off right

I woke up a few seconds before my alarm went off and got out of bed immediately. I walked to the kitchen and put coco in my mouth which is a great way to clean your teeth. The birds were singing a Bob Marley song on the balcony. I heated the water for my green tea that I had prepared the night before. Whilst waiting  for the water to boil I thought about all the things I am grateful for, such as my family, girlfriend, friends, and my dog Mikey. It was a very nice feeling concentrating on what I have as opposed to what I often think I need. Not only my loves but my abilities, my healthy body and the air that I breathe and the clean water that I drink. Wow! my cup is definitely half full. So I drank my tea and went for a run. 10k! A few people were looking at me with admiration as I ran gracefully past, probably wondering "wow, who's that guy?" I came home, worked out for another 30 mins (100 press-ups, sit-ups, yoga) and had a hot/cold shower to wake me up even more. What a great start to the day!


Part 2. relationships, family, friends, fun

I left the house with my girlfriend and my dog Mikey. We went for a walk over to the park because it was a warm day and we were meeting some friends there to have a little picnic. My hair looked great by the way.  My family called and told me some good news. They were all fine and healthy and I would be able to visit them soon. My friends and I had a great picnic, a mountain of veggie burgers and fat fries and the beer seemed to taste a little better than usual. I told a few stories and everybody laughed.. haha we had fantastically fun time together. My friends had also been very lucky with their days, It was marvellous!


Part 3. motivation, ambition

Later that day, myself and a select few pro skaters went to a new skate spot. The place was empty, just for us. I managed to do a trick I had been wanting to do since I started skateboarding many years ago! I was so stoked! We filmed it and posted it on social media and I got a Million gazillion likes, loads of famous people had reposted it and Tony Hawk messaged me about the possibility of joining him on a tour and well, you see where this is going right? Maybe it wasn't Tony Hawk and maybe it wasn't a million gazillion likes.


So, Ok perhaps none of these things happened or perhaps a few of them did. I can’t remember the entire day! Starting my day off correctly is important to me. So are my friends and family. My hobbies and interests are my pleasure and motivation too.. So if you had an almost perfect day what 3 things would you choose to include? 3 paragraphs of a great day in the life of (insert student name).

This is a great exercise to practice simple past, past continous, writing in general and well, gratitude. Enjoy!

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