What is Your Way of Learning English? by Johana Konecna - Profesor/a de inglés

What is Your Way of Learning English?


Is there such a thing as “LANGUAGE GENE”? A polyglot Lydia Machova, decided to find out what it is that enables people to learn one language after another. Are they language geniuses? Well, not necessarily. She spoke to people who were not able to learn a single language within 10 years at school, yet in a following decade they achieved to learn 10 other languages on their own. What is their secret?

All the polyglots Lydia spoke to found THEIR OWN WAY to enjoy process of learning a language. It sounds too simple, but it’s simply the truth. You don’t always have to find your own way. Just the way of learning THAT WORKS FOR YOU. That is the goal. 


The joy from the process itself is not enough though. However, that seems to be the most essential. 

Here are 3 more principles Lydia detected to go along with the first one, in order to achieve a fluency in a language.



If you don’t like writing things down on paper, you can use apps.

If you don’t like listening to boring textbook material, find a content of your interest on Youtube or in a podcast.

If you are more introverted and you don’t prefer to speak to native speakers straight away, apply self-talk. 



Like so called “SPACE REPETITION” Which means repeating things we learned in course of few days. That way they will store in your long term memory (Use apps like Anki, Memrise, or Goldlist method...).



Frequency is important. Can you wake up 15 minutes earlier? Or can you listen to a podcast, read an article or watch a video on your way to work? You don’t have to find time if learning a language becomes a part of your routine. Make it a part of your everyday life. 



It is not possible to learn a language in two months. But it is possible to make a visible improvement in two months, if you find a way to learn in small chunks every day, in a way that you enjoy.” Lydia says.

Look up some polyglots’ YouTube channels and get inspired from their ways to learn a language and see which ones are the most enjoyable for you.

Good Luck

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_XVt5rdpFY&ab_channel=TED

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