Why English is important in the hospitality industry? by Leonie Forshaw - Profesora de inglés

Why English is important in the hospitality industry?

Why English is important in the hospitality industry?

How using English in hospitality benefits you

Within every hospitality setting there is always at least one English client you must contend with when situated in European hotels, restaurants and bars. Therefore, speaking English within this industry has its perks.
Working in hospitality is one of the most popular sectors in the job industry across the world and with the high amount of English people who travel around the globe for vacation or work, being able to speak the English language can benefit any industry.


When considering how many English tourists visit Spain yearly, eating out in restaurants and going for drinks in bars is a popular tradition when enjoying time in the sun. Even with beginner English skills you can welcome your customers and attend to basic requirements they may need whilst in your place of work. With higher English skills there is then the possibilities of in-depth conversations with your customers making them feel welcomed and giving them a more in-depth experience of your restaurant/bar.

Using English in hospitality can benefit you in many ways

Using English in hospitality can benefit you in many ways, within other languages under your belt, the possibilities for promotions and better job opportunities could be opened to you. Or just the simple opportunities of making English friends through hospitality which will enhance your English-speaking skills.

For management within hospitality industries, investing in your staff language skills is essential to enhance your customer experience and increase profitability so don’t wait any longer, motivate your staff and inform them of the infinite possibilities that they can achieve when learning English for work in the hospitality.

English is the third-most-spoken language in the world by number of native speakers. But with the amount of people around the world who learn English as a second language therefore benefits in all countries within hospitality to find common ground with language barriers. Studies show that over 1 billion people learn English as a second language therefore, when making your customers feel welcomed English is proven to be a great conversation starter. Even if their English is basic you can still find that conversation is key to a happy and satisfied customer.

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