Why should I have a bucket list? by Bev Sisson - Teacher of English as a Second Language

Why should I have a bucket list?


Who has a bucket list?
What are the benefits, if any?


I have one.  For me, it is essential.  I love to have dreams, to want to do something, when I have achieved it I want to do something else, not always bigger or better, just different.

What IS a bucket list?:

Simply put, it is a list of dreams, goals or aspirations you would like to achieve before you die or 'kick the bucket'.  By keeping a record or list of them they become more real, more achievable and help you to take steps to actually go out and 'do it'
It may be something simple in relation to a hobby or on the other end of the spectrum it could be the adventure of a lifetime, an adrenalin jolt that you will only carry out once.
The most important thing to remember about creating a bucket list is that it will help you visualize, but it is then up to you to figure out how to accomplish your list items. 

The Benefits of a bucket list:

  • It can help put some balance in your life.  We work, go home, sleep, etc. Life can be like groundhog day.  Put time aside for YOU
  • To set goals, but not to be so calculated, remember this is to put 'fun' in your life, not a work or school project.
  • They encourage you to look at what you really want.  Be specific! Don't lose sleep over worrying about minor things, Dream about the next item on your list!
  • They create focus and motivation.  Let's face it we all need that 'kick up the jacksy' at some time in our lives.  Sorted, put pen to paper and create your individual bucket list.
  • Are you afraid of stepping outside of your comfort zone? It is natural to feel safe there.  A bucket list can extend the bounadries of your comfort bubble leading to personal growth, expanding your mindset, teaching you valuable lessons, increasing your confidence and limiting regrets. 
  • Life is short ...... enough said!

What to consider when building your list:
  • Baby steps - it is great to have a lot of dreams, however to list hundreds of items immediately would be overwhelming and the chances are too much for you to take on.  
  • Be realistic - becoming a concert pianist is a great goal.  Do you have the time to commit to the years of practice it would entail? probably not.  Maybe look at learning to play 'twinkle twinkle little star' for starters. 
  • Costs - strive for things that are possible for you, based on your current status – of course, you can always add to your list later as your circumstances change. Travelling is expensive, do you need to save money?  Make sure this is all part of your time management.
  • Be specific - to be more kind is a great mindset, however it is vague.  Kinder to who, what or when?  Maybe buy a sandwhich for a homeless person eveyday, or don't buy a dog from a breeder but offer a loving home to one from a shelter.
  • Mix it up - Difficult to achieve or costly items could take years, so a mash up of levels of difficulty will help you to continuously tick off items creating momentum.  It could be as simple as trying a new style of food, or seeing a particular play or film.

Ticking items off your list:

'Reach for the stars"
'The world is your oyster"
"The sky is the limit"
"Do something beyond your wildest dreams"

All these idioms can be relatable to ticking off your bucket list items. 

So, the whys...

Take some time organising your finished list.  Share with friends and family, they will no doubt have your back and encourage you.  Maybe some of them share certain dreams and will join you on some of the adventures.  Add things to your list that you have already achieved, looking back I am sure you will be amazed at what you have actually done in your life.  Seeing the ticked off items will encourage you to keep ticking.  Lastly, remember.....this is the fun part.  Dance like nobody is looking, go for it and enjoy!!

I would like to share some of my ticked off bucket list items:                             

Cuddle a Koala                                                                                                                   
Stand on top of the World Trade Centre                                                                             
Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef                                                                                      
Ride a motorbike and sidecar                                                                                                             
Paint eggs for Easter
Have a pet pig (Dolly)                                                                                                       
Record a song in the Sun Studio                                                                                        
Learn to make sushi                                                                                                           
Train with Dan Inosanto 
Own a Donkey (Jules)                                                                                                    
Visit St. Barts                                                                                                                       
Cruise down Route 66 in a Cadillac                                                                                   
Teach my dog not to eat the sofa 
Get the biggest Teddy Bear I can find
Have real roaring fire at home                                                                                       
Collect honey from my own bee hive
Go paddling on Bondai Beach
Live in New York

Some yet to tick off:

Visit Dollywood
Shake hands with the Dalai Lama
Learn to dance the Salsa
Eat Paella in Valencia
Learn to play the Didgeridoo
Play with baby Pandas
Visit and practice Martia Arts at the Shaolin Temple
Get tattooed by a monk in Thailand
Accept compliments without being awkward
Meet my partners at Oxinity
and many more......

The most popular item on a bucket list:

Is learning a second language.
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