Why would you like to become a teacher by Sara Holtkamp - Profesora de inglés

Why would you like to become a teacher

would you like to become a teacher

Why would you like to become a teacher?


I used to hate school. I used to hate teachers. Arrogant people who think they are smarter than you  just because they know their target. (no offense to all my teaching colleagues, you guys are wonderful!)

Anyway... my question repeated: why would you like to become a teacher? The answer is I wouldn't. Well, at least talking in past - btw this past is just half a year ago - now I am a teacher. 

Traveling this beautiful world after finishing highschool, I met a lot of people: doctors, lawyers, photographers, artists, jobquiter, timewaster, criminals, housekeeper, policemen, but also english teacher. And I found out that they're not as different from myself as I thought. And that not all of them, actually the least of them, are arrogant.

The first TEFL teacher I met was within living in New Zealand. Kelly, a funny Kiwi girl, 21 years old, raising her 3 year old son, she had just been divorced from her drug addictive husband. But she was, a wonderful person. When she told me she was a english teacher I said: „ohh, cool“. And I was thinking: „Why would you like to become a teacher... why would you like to become a teacher…?? Really why the hell would YOU like to become a teacher??? She wasn't arrogant, she was kind, lovely and fun and her life was the opposite of easy.
She wasn't anything like the image of the „I am the smartest person in this world“,  teacher in my head. Not that all my teachers from highschool had been horrible, I'd just really disliked school and they'd been part of that.

Kelly shouldn't be the only TEFLer I would meet. I found out that english teacher tend to like traveling.

So why would you like to become a teacher? (obviously an English teacher, everyone who wants to teach physics is still an extraterrestrial to me):

A You can do it wherever
B You'll meet a lot of interesting people
C You can be creative 
D You don't necessarily have to teach a group of 30 students, it's possible to survive by doing one to one classes
E You are not only a teacher
this one's a topic for itself, but think about it – creating material I'm a storywriter, listening to students problems, I can be therapist, analyzing how individuals learn, I'm being a psychologist (ok hobby psychologist), writing this blog I'm being a journalist. And desperately looking for clients I'm a marketing princess. 

F It takes you exactly one month to do the TEFL certificate, which qualifies you to start teaching ANYWHERE in the world straight away

So for the unlikely case that everyone out there is ever going to read this blog – think about it - why would YOU like to become a teacher… or why wouldn't you.

And if once you stop asking yourself the question: „Why would you like to become a teacher?“, you are deciding to actually do this: Check out this guy!

He's been teaching me, how to become a good teacher and I couldn't have wished for a better one to absolve my TEFL course with! 

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