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When is learning foreign languages useless? It is if we do not practice and develop communication. In other words, if we do not socialize.

In one of my previous posts, I described how humans have an exceptional ability to learn and develop different skills and achieve seemingly impossible goals. Why do so few of us take advantage of this ability?

It is so because the society often suggests that every individual must manage his or her own life. My contention is that this is misleading. Contrarily, if we improve our cooperation, we also become more satisfied individually.

To illustrate, imagine three men trying to build a house - everyone on their own. They all start learning how to plan the construction and how to implement it. Everyone of them has some unique talent. One is maybe a brilliant architect, the other is good at engineering, and the third one loves to work with hands. Should they build all the three houses together?

Of course! The work quality would be much higher then. Also, each person could focus on their strengths and nobody would waste time on tasks that they cannot do well.

All of them have to know how to communicate, though. People are different and think differently. If they want to build a house together, they must understand each other, as well as know how to express themselves. The result will be amazing!

Here is an example from a real life. A few days ago, Mark Zuckenberg - a founder of Facebook - said in an interview that he had grown up playing just football. Not that he had liked it, but he was living in a small town with almost no clubs or other interesting activities nearby. He had always known his real passion was programming, but he could start developing it once he went to boarding school. There he met people who were into the same things as he was.

“Technology (internet) can divide people, but it also makes communication more personalized. Internet brings together people people who share common values and interests, no matter the distance. What if fragmentation and personification are the two sides of the same coin?” Zuckenberg argued.

It is important to add that if we are looking for people with common values and interests, we should not confine ourselves to our own country. It is so easy nowadays to connect with the information and different people. If we want to create something as important as a house, the best is to cooperate internationally.

How significant is knowing languages in this process?

It is fundamental, because a closed group (country) does not offer such a variety of interesting people as the international community does. It is more comfortable to interact and cooperate with just our own compatriots, but international communication is ten times more productive. Let`s give language learning a meaning and it will serve us in all areas of life!


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