Starting a new life as an English Teacher in Madrid by Harvie Chiu - Profesor de inglés en Madrid - Madrid

Harvie Chiu

Profesor de inglés en Madrid


Starting a new life as an English Teacher in Madrid

From One Country to Another

People ask me why I am or wanted to be a Teacher. The simple answer is because I like helping people. This is derived from many years of volunteering both nationally and internationally, giving back to communities, and being a private tutor. My friends often say that they admire what I do because I am always on the move and they cannot keep track. It does not bother me to be out of my comfort zone and I am always up for a challenge. I am an independent person and I have done a lot of travelling by myself and with friends so I believe this is what gives me the spark to seek challenges and to step out of my comfort zone. In the past I did want to conform to a stable life and career but it became too complacent. If you ask for a summary of my past and future career, I can tell you this: “Conforming to a stable life or high-earning job is far from what I am about. I enjoy meeting new people and if I can have a career that enables me to empower someone or give back to the community, then that is my ideal career”. I believe this is what distinguishes me from other Teachers.

After completing my studies - in Meteorology and Oceanography and further studies in mathematics - and settling into a job for almost two years, I felt stagnant. I had always wanted to become a Professor or a Teacher of some kind, and that is when I decided to become a private tutor in English and mathematics, and I did this for four years. Comparing my previous jobs to a private tutor, I could never go back to my previous jobs. I felt my position as a private tutor was meaningful and making an impact on my student’s lives was really rewarding for me.

Being a Teacher presents challenges, uncertainties, the unpredictable, and the knowing that every day is different. The qualities that I really take into account are the rewards and self-growth. What I enjoy and appreciate most is being able to witness the work that you put in actually pay off and seeing the improvement of the students. It makes the students and the parents happy and ultimately myself happy. I really noticed these aspects when I volunteered abroad. I like to work with charities and my greatest achievement nationally and internationally is running a half-marathon and volunteering in Nicaragua respectively. The work in Nicaragua involved teaching English and other complementary activities including people empowerment and improving living conditions. I believe the best way to support a charity is hands-on and getting involved as much as possible. There is nothing better than seeing how a charity works and your work pay off with your own eyes. That is why I teach, abroad. 

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