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Taking a Stride

Walking can be therapeutic and allows you to clear your mind and focus solely on it. If you take out all the unnecessary distractions, it keeps you focused on just one thing, and that is walking. We are stuck behind computers and technology constantly looking at screens, however, being offline makes the experience that much more intense and rewarding. The whole point of escapism is to get out of your head and connect with your body; our brain needs time to relax. If you can go walking two or three times a week, you will really start to notice the benefits. Mindfulness teaches your brain how to restore a sense of balance and calm your racing thoughts that can cause anxiety.  Mindfulness is about living in the moment and the experiences that you have. 

To walk mindfully, start by standing still and notice where you life and weight falls at your feet.  They should be balanced around the center of your feet. If your mind starts to wander, slowly try to bring your focus back to your feet. Seeing, smelling, hearing, and feeling the environmnent around you should raise your alertness and you will begin to notice the world around you with more clarity and feel more energised. If you can use the time to reboot your brain and find some space and clarity, not only will you be exercising your body but you will be giving your mind a workout also. 

Sharing your experiences with like-minded people can also be beneficial. Social interaction can prevent boredom and makes you less likely to give up on something. It can give you a positive feeling, makes you feel part of a team, and less isolated. Not only does walking have mental health benefits but also to your physical health. It has been shown that it can reduce weight loss, blood pressure, and cholesterol. 

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Spain has plenty of hiking destinations ranging from the Pyrenees to Guadarrama and Picos de Europa. There are walks for beginners, avid hikers, and simply for those who want to unplug 

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