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Fiction: The Ghost from the North, Part 1

Isabel could not believe her eyes. Standing right in front of her was a ghost! When Isabel chose to study archaeology, she wanted adventure and excitement. This was too much excitement!

Only four months ago, Isabel sat in her archaeology class at her university in Madrid, listening to her teacher tell stories about when she was digging in countries like Ecuador, Ireland and the USA. Her bright blue eyes opening wider every time the teacher talked about an artifact she found or ruins that she discovered.

“You know, they are looking for volunteers for an excavation in the north this summer?” said Isabel’s classmate, Leo.

Isabel flipped her long dark hair as she stared shocked at Leo. Leo never talks to her. Why is he starting now?

“Really?” was all Isabel could mutter.

“You should go. I am. I think it will be fun.” Leo said as he smiled.

Her face felt hot.

At dinner that night, Isabel asked her parents if she could go to the north of Spain to excavate on the archaeological dig. After a very long discussion about being careful, her parents finally gave their permission.

“Just be careful about ghosts….” Her dad said.


“Yeah, ghosts are always seen at archaeological sites. Just ask your mother….She saw one when we went to Egypt before you were born.”

Isabel looked at her mother questioningly.

“Now, I do not know what I saw but your father is right. Archaeological sites are a great place for ghosts.”

That night, Isabel went to sleep dreaming about old buildings and the past.

The summer could not come fast enough. Isabel prepared for the archaeological dig. She bought her first trowel. She read any book she could find about the history of the north of Spain. She packed and repacked her suitcase. She talked to Leo almost every day about how excited they were for the dig.

“It is going to be great!” he said as he flipped through a very old-looking book.

“What is that?” Isabel said and she stared at the book.

“Oh this? It is a book about the history of the town we are going to, La Caleficada.”

“It looks really old.”

“Oh it is! And there is a lot of interesting stuff in here.” Leo said smiling again at her.

“Like what?”

“Like about how the town is haunted with ghosts.” His smile never leaving his face.












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