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Some uses of Get/have/let/allow/make/force



GET: Obtain (action)

I got more moneyà More money was gotten

I get dressed every morning  à  No passive

I put on clothes à Clothes are put on (by me)


HAVE: Obtain

I want to have more money à More money is wanted (by me)


Note: have information  vs get information

                Have is more formal



Please let me go to the bathroom/Please allow me to go to the bathroom (more formal)


Let me/allow me to - get dressed and we can start the day


Let me give you some information about that à some information will be given (by me)




My mother made me clean my room à I was made to clean my room (by my mother)

My mother makes me clean my room (routine)


The company makes us dress formal à We are made to dress formal (by the company)


The company forces us to dress formal (higher level of obligation) à We are forced, (by the company), to dress formal


I force myself to read books à I’m forced to read books (by me)

I make myself read books à I’m made to read books (by me)

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