Julio Iribarren

Profesor de inglés


Is English a must for Real Estate Agents in Spain?

As a former ´Agente Inmobiliario´ living in Madrid I couldn't help noticing how very few of my real estate colleagues and competitors could deal with clients in English without being too clumsy at the attempt. Although for some of you it may seem obvious how to deal with a client in a formal business environment and avoid any unprofessional behaviour, you will be surprised by how most local real estate agents in Spain do not have the necessary tools to carry out a negotiation or to close a deal with ease.

In the first semester of 2018 around 53,359 properties were sold to non-Spaniards in Spain. This is the highest number ever recorded in 10 years. When comparing last years result to the 33,000 properties sold in 2007 we can say that there has been a solid increase in sales.

What seems to remain steady is the nationality of foreign buyers: the British are at the top of the list with 7,613 purchases, they are followed by French nationals, who acquired 4,211 properties and Germans, with 4,138 homes.


Only in Madrid 4,921 properties were sold to foreign investors and only a handful of real estate agencies have highly trained professionals that are able to help buyers close a deal in English. So if there are more than 60,000 potential foreign buyers every year in Spain why don't we start learning english to seize an opportunity in a proven and existing market?

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