Luis Gonzalez

Profesor de inglés especializado en arquitectura


Great part of its surface is a protected natural area

There is a singular beauty in Madrid’s metropolitan area, considering that a great part of its surface is a protected natural area. The Cummunity of Madrid is one of Spain’s 17 autonomous communities, and has a population of 6.6 million on a surface of 8.022 Km2 with a density of 822 people/Km.2.

Metropolitan Madrid is very conscious and concerned with it’s sustainability and therefore in line with the European Union’s policies. So it’s 2 principle axes in the development of the city, are : 1. Inclusion, meaning that the city must be equally accessible for every one of it’s citizen and 2. Fight against Climate Change, concerning  Citizen and Environmental Awareness, air quality, sustainable mobility and urban re-adaptation and regeneration.

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