The Art of Staycation. A new approach to learning English during vacation. by Maxwell Ibeawuchi - Profesor de inglés - Barcelona

Maxwell Ibeawuchi

Profesor de inglés


The Art of Staycation. A new approach to learning English during vacation.

When it comes to time to take a vacation, we can choose to catch a flight to exciting touristic places - a luxurious stay at the beach, an adventure in ancient big cities or a trip round the country you've never been before. This is definitely a mouth watering offer but we have got a suggestion for you! Yea right - a vacation you take without hopping on a plane, taking the train or enduring a long car ride.     

By definition staycationing means taking a vacation without ever leaving your home or a time to get to know your city better. This may seem a silly waste of vacation days, but its a great way to catch up, relax and get a fresh perspective on your life. Its also important to note that staycations are far more affordable than going out of town. Avoiding airport security and weekend traffic? That's an added bonus. Here are tips of how you can enjoy your staycation both at home and in your town or city.

Staycation plan 1: Camp out

Set a tent in your backyard and set the scene with all the camp essentials like an acoustic guitar for the fireside singalongs and a deck of cards, a makeshift volleyball net to spice up the moment. In the event that the weather becomes cloudy, you have your house close enough to retreat to.                                                                                                             

Staycation plan 2: Enjoy nature

Whether you live in an apartment with a patio or a countryside home with an expansive yard, we can all find little ways to soak up some sun and breathe in fresh air. Simply set out a lawn chair or go on a hike to local landmarks. You don't need to head to the mountains or camp at a national to enjoy nature's beauty - you'd be surprised at just how refreshing it is to enjoy your surroundings.                                                                                                                



Staycation plan 3: Explore

Try a new restaurant, picnic at a new park or visit a museum you've never been to. Expand your horizons and you will enjoy something that might have been in front of your face the entire time. Plus, spending money in your hometown is great for your local economy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Staycation plan 4: Watch a flick

Plan a themed movie night and select films that will bring you hours of entertainment. Remember to stock up your favorite snacks! Rent or stream films with similar themes, actors or directors and have an all-day movie marathon. 

Staycation plan 5: Learn English around the city

Yes, this is our favourite plan! A wonderful opportunity to immerse in English without leaving your town is to join one of our Oxinity teachers and have a 9-hour-immersion session in English around Madrid or Barcelona. We'll sightsee, visit museums, have lunch in a nice café, and above all, we'll do it only in English. As we say, you'll kill two birds with the same stone: save traveling expenses and learn English! The best plan for your next staycations!
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