MY TOP TEN TIPS ON HOW TO LEARN ENGLISH MORE EASILY! by Miroslava (Mirka) - Profesora de inglés certificada - Barcelona

Miroslava (Mirka)

Profesora de inglés certificada



MY TIP #1: Start speaking NOW!
WHY: Learning the language doesn’t need careful planning - it needs immediate action.

MY TIP #2: Make mistakes and let people correct you.
WHY: That’s how you learn. Do not be afraid to say it in English - although it may be wrong - the point is to use what you already know.

MY TIP #3: Convert your mobile phone settings, pc settings and app settings to English.
WHY: It is hard at the beginning, but believe me, once you are late for the meeting because you don’t understand what your phone wants from you - you will learn quickly!

MY TIP #4: Find English-speaking friends
WHY: Learning English only once or twice a week with a teacher, no matter how good he/she is, is not enough. You have to have real conversations as often as possible.

MY TIP #5: When on holiday, use English as much as possible - order the drinks, check-in at the reception, ask for tourist attractions, request a special service from your hotel, ask for directions...
WHY: It’s all about staying motivated! You will quickly realize that they understand you and that you are able to deal with ALL these things in English! You can do it - wau!

MY TIP #6: Read books in English. You can start with simple children’s stories (try The little prince) or your favourite book - do not, however, translate absolutely all the words - the idea is to understand the context.
WHY: Because reading the book forces you to think in that language - you will learn how to use the language and new vocabulary and phrases in context, you will observe the use of different tenses, etc.

MY TIP #7: Watch series rather than movies! (in English of course, with English subtitles)
WHY: Series are much shorter so its less time-consuming for you - let’s confess that the idea of watching something in another language for 20 minutes sounds far better than 2 hours... It is also more efficient in terms of vocabulary - while the movie goes around one main topic, series offer the variety and therefore the richer vocabulary.

MY TIP #8: Listen to self-development podcasts (Tony Robbins is a classic)
WHY: Double motivation - understanding the language and listening to enriching content.

MY TIP#9: Focus on English around you - notice, read and translate every poster, every billboard and every advert in English there is and name ordinary objects that surround you in English!
WHY: Amazing way to learn practical vocabulary - the words you really use and need.

MY TIP#10: Music! Everyone loves music! Use it to learn English! Learn how to sing the lyrics properly and understand the meaning of your favourite English-singing artists.
WHY: Sometimes it’s nice to know what you are actually shouting to the world when you sing your heart out in the shower (or karaoke) :D

I hope this helps and let me know if you know of another good tip that helps you to learn more easily! :)
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