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The 90s are back!

Back to the 90s!

The 90s are back! This is something I’m super excited about because I grew up in this decade, and it brings so many cool memories from my childhood! Apart from that, I think clothes from the 90s were just great, they were mostly about comfort so you’ve got those wide cut and baggy garments which were so comfy and still stylish, and also those fluorescent colours to create such fun looks.

You can already notice the 90s vibe in many shops, from fast fashion to the biggest fashion houses, from small touches to more daring outfits. But before going shopping let’s learn some terms of this lovely decade.


Dungarees: a pair of trousers with an extra piece of cloth that covers the chest and is held in place by a strap over each shoulder.


Choker: a narrow strip of cloth or a necklace that fits very closely around a woman's neck.


Bumbag: a small bag attached to a long strap that you fasten around your waist. Also known as fanny pack.


Stonewashed: washed with abrasives to produce a worn or faded appearance.


Flannel: a kind of soft fabric, typically made of wool or cotton. The term "flannel shirt" is often used casually to mean any shirt with a tartan pattern.


Tracksuit: a loose, warm set of clothes consisting of a sweatshirt and trousers with an elasticated or drawstring waist, worn when exercising or as casual wear.


Jellies: shoes made of PVC plastic. Jelly shoes come in a large variety of brands and colors and the material is frequently infused with glitter.


Bandana: a brightly coloured piece of cloth that is worn around the neck or head.


Windbreaker: a brightly coloured piece of cloth that is worn around the neck or head.


Scrunchy:a piece of elastic covered in often brightly coloured cloth that is used to hold your hair at the back of your head.


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