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18 January 2020

Little Women: A modern adaptation for an enlightened audience

A review of the 2019 Little Women movie adaptation
Eleanor Briggs
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15 January 2020

Teaching With Tech / Enseñando con Tecnología

There are many online teachers, but Oxinity offers a specific platform, made by us, that is catered to our clients.
Iñigo Jordana
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15 January 2020

Indigo Days: A concert in Madrid

An Indie music experience in Madrid
Eleanor Briggs
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03 January 2020

New Year's Resolutions?

Many people decide on the start of the year as the ideal moment to change their lives for the better. But is this always a good idea?
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16 December 2019

I lost my body (2019)

Mery K
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05 December 2019


In 2017 I was working full-time as a teacher in Madrid and had no idea how to find English students. I love being Spain but needed an income that would help me live comfortably. I started creating content — tips for learning English to help my students. I posted on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Even though this was back in 2017, the strategy remains the same and it is still very possible to achieve success if you are consistent and don’t give up.
Jeremy Mitchell
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29 November 2019

For those reading and dog lovers, here is a heartwarming story based on a true event that will make your heart melt....

Bring Jade Home is the gripping true story of Jade, a young Australian shepherd, who disappears into Yellowstone's wilderness after a horrific car wreck. Despite their injuries and against doctor's orders, her owners David and Laura leave the Trauma Center to begin a desperate search - can they find Jade before it's too late? The perfect read for dog lovers and wilderness enthusiasts alike, Bring Jade Home is the heartwarming tale of the owners, park employees, and huge search effort to bring Jade home.This story will melt your heart and renew your faith in dogs - and people.
Magda Isabel Ferrer
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24 November 2019

5 ways to inspire creativity in the workplace

A practical guide on how to promote creativity among our employees and increase productivity
Maxwell Ibeawuchi
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