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02 April 2020

Education is all a matter of building bridges

In this post I'd love to take the opportunity to introduce myself!
Lauren Minion
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31 March 2020


Las clases onlines te permiten adquirir nuevos conocimientos desde dondequiera que estes.
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27 March 2020

Memory #18

Multilingual Short Story shaping a Memory based on a Photo in Four Languages.
Soraya Rodríguez
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26 March 2020

Welcome to the English Blog by Juan Manuel Leiva, English Teacher online with experience in teaching for well over 18 years now. Let's meet and discuss interesting topics. Do not live a day without devoting at least 15 minutes to improving your English.

English Language learning tips, resources, ideas, curious things, etc... Never miss a post! Never forget to comment and participate!
Juan Manuel Leiva Macias
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23 March 2020

El silencio como lugar de no idioma

(Texto en español e inglés) El silencio como lugar de no idioma, de no lenguaje, distinto. Y el lenguaje, ¡en todo los idiomas!
Fiorenza Meruvia
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23 March 2020


Do you want to eliminate potentially embarrassing verbal errors and mispronunciations when speaking English? Here's a guide to tackling such problems.
Brian Thomas
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20 March 2020

Covid-19: What Can We Learn From This Crisis?

Paul Jarvis takes a look at what can we learn from Covid-19
Sesiones de inglés con Paul Jarvis
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18 March 2020

About me.

Lewis Sosa
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