Nice weather you have!!! by Paul Bryant - Profesor de inglés - Málaga

Paul Bryant

Profesor de inglés


Nice weather you have!!!

I now reside in the beautiful city of Malaga, moving here from the not so sunny English capital that is London. Upon arriving here I must admit my Spanish was lets say 'below par' so as a result whenever I was in a taxi I would always try and start up a conversation about the weather. As you are probably aware, Malaga being situated in Southern Spain is a very hot and sunny province. I always thought that the Spanish translation for 'HOT' was 'CALIENTE'. Now, as it turns out, starting a conversation with a taxi driver by stating "YO SOY CALIENTE" does not really translate to "I'M HOT" but more to "I'M HORNY". So all the strange looks I was getting from these drivers were truly justified !!!
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