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Your next English Teacher!

Hello! I'm Rajes Waran, a production design engineer and certified native English teacher from Singapore, living in Madrid. 
After graduating my master’s in management and Production engineering I've worked as a Brand Specialist, as a production engineer for more than 3 years in a British company. Together we erected one of the very first biomass gasification plants in Poland in 2015. Since then I've designed more than 10 projects all over the EU. 
My passion for teaching started when I was training engineers in 3D computer modelling. Working with one of the biggest customer help desks, during my college which made me excel my communication skill.  I started working on my TEFL alongside my university and engaged myself being a part-time English Teacher. For over 2 years I´ve helped many business professionals, adults and kids to communicate and express freely in English. 
I´m a kid who always prefers travelling around the world, I´ve lived in India, Poland, England before moving to the sunny city of Madrid to learn Spanish and teach English. As a native English guy who´s always interested in learning other languages, I´m able to put myself in someone´s shoes to learn tongue and since every student have their unique needs I´ll make sure they´re addressed carefully. 
I´m inspired by the communicative approach and task-based learning systems by which my students would be able to improve their precision and fluency constantly without ease and with a higher level of confidence. 
If you´re looking for someone who can help you with your language confidence whether it's for business, conversation or any other specific purposes, I would like to let you know that I´ll be always there at your doorstep!

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