Teaching kids English. English class material for kids. Tips for engaging learning. by Simona Martoncikova - Profesor de inglés - Barcelona

Simona Martoncikova

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Teaching kids English. English class material for kids. Tips for engaging learning.

How do you keep 6-year-olds engaged while learning English?


You make them feel like they are simply playing games!

Here are some tips on teaching in grades 1 to 5 for fun classes:

 1. Teaching phonics

    Alphabet puzzles

  Alphabet puzzles are a great help to have kids learn about sounds and letters in an engaging way.
  You can create your own puzzles or find many readymade ones online.


2. Teaching spelling 

Book about me

First, start with kids drawing themselves and writing their names on the first page of the book. Continue with basic information (my house, my family, my favorite school subjects, my hobbies and my personality).

To practice different tenses, you can tell them to write about their last holiday (past) or what they want to become when they grow up (future).

Don’t forget to check the spelling – you want to focus on the correct spelling and punctuation.


3. Teaching reading / parts of speech

Mad libs

Playing mad libs is a fun way to practice parts of speech and improve reading skills.

Find the type of text suited for the age level.

Firstly, you want to teach (or revise) parts of speech.

Ask students to give you examples of nouns/adjectives/verbs etc. based on the text you have.

Write them in the gaps and once completed let the student read the text.

There are many online mad libs games to make your life easier.


4. Teaching speaking / new vocabulary


 Flashcards are honestly such a big help when you are trying to teach almost all vocabulary (I use it to teach colors, numbers, animals, means of transportation and much   more)

 To make the class more fun kids can show the words with gestures instead of describing them.


Now how do you mime the word 'lawn', hmm..

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