From Music to teaching English. by Tom Rowson - Profesor de inglés nativo - Málaga

Tom Rowson

Profesor de inglés nativo


From Music to teaching English.

Hello my name is Tom Rowson and I am an English teacher in Sunny Malaga, Spain! I originally come from a town called Huddersfield in the Province of Yorkshire. One of my favourite bands "The Arctic Monkeys" come from the same province. When I started listening to the Arctic Monkeys at a young age I developed my love for Music, and ultimately the English Language due to the lyrics that appear in the songs.

In Yorkshire we have a very strong accent and also a dialect, my love for this accent and dialect made me find interest in exploring different dialects and accents, and also languages across the world. For me it is very interesting how geographically people from a different place speak differently, and I like to study how and why the world is like this. Why don't we all speak the same? So for me teaching English as a foreign language is thoroughly enjoyable for me as it is my passion and my roots. 

Tom Rowson 
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