How living abroad helps you learn the language. by Tom Rowson - Profesor de inglés nativo - Málaga

Tom Rowson

Profesor de inglés nativo


How living abroad helps you learn the language.

All my life I wanted to learn the spanish language, and I had tried at home when I was living in England. But there was a problem, there are no spanish people that live in my town, how can I practice? I wanted to be interactive. When I came to Malaga one year ago I noticed the impact of what moving here did to my spanish, and how it has helped it develop.

I would advise anyone to go and live abroad to a country where they speak the language they want to learn, it really helps! But why? Firstly you become totally immersed in the language, there is literally no way of avoiding the language you are trying to learn. From watching local tv shows, music and ordering food in restaurants., Bit by bit you add words to your vocabulary. Also you will make a bunch of new friends, it can be very easy to settle with friends that speak your own language when you move abroad, simply because you feel more comfortable, can this be a problem? The answer is yes, and these are the people that come to a country and don't learn the language to the ability they can. For example here in the costa del sol there are 1000's of foreigners that came here and have been living here for 20 years, and don't know how to say 'Gracias.' This is absolutely no respect for the Spanish people.

Since living here in Malaga I have made many good friends, all different nationalities. During this time, my Spanish level has improved massively, so I would advise anyone learning English to go to the UK, Ireland, America, Australia, if they ever have chance (even if it's just for a few months), and they would notice a massive difference in their level. 
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