How is Christmas celebrated in Norway? Point of view from an English teacher in Madrid by Torleif Villmones - Profesor de inglés - Madrid

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How is Christmas celebrated in Norway? Point of view from an English teacher in Madrid

What is the Norwegian way of celebrating Christmas? 

How is Christmas like in Norway, does Santa live here?
Well there is no Santa Claus here, maybe in the Arctic, who knows. But what I can say is that the Christmas in Norway is very cold and white, but special and magical at the same time. I can feel butterflies in my stomach when looking outside the windows from my seat of the plane, when looking down at all the lights from my small city Tromso with the remote mountains in the distance.
On Christmas eve people are gathered in the streets together around the Christmas tree singing Christmas carols, with a warm red wine and gingerbread in their hands. And later on people are walking with torches in the neighborhoods.
Later on in the evening families are gathered by the table eating warm and delicious food, followed by opening presents later on, both young and old are sitting together on the floor to open the presents and listening to Christmas music in the background.

I have to say that I personally love Madrid, I love teaching English and I am very glad to have chosen this city. But when it comes to Christmas, I personally can’t withstand the temptation of going back to Norway. I believe for most people they are on the same page on this one, there is nothing as good as going home for Christmas with family and friends.
So to anyone who right now are missing home or want to have some Christmas spirits, then be with close friends and family, or maybe just be with people who wants some company. Whatever makes one comfortable. To have a good life it is important with some time off work and stressful days.
Merry Christmas everyone, feliz navidad!


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