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New year and new opportunities – thoughts from a Norwegian guy teaching English in Madrid

Happy new Year's!

I hope the New Year’s Eve has been lovely, I had a ball this year. I celebrated New Year’s Eve in Madrid in an international party, hilarious. I even ate the twelve grapes in twelve seconds with my friends, not easy but so fun!

So I guess the elephant in the room for like EVERYONE is what will this new year bring to us, more money? A promotion? Maybe get married?
I must personally say that all the wobble about New Year’s Resolution is stupid. Just stupid, my fellow English teacher Autumn Aston is on the same page. I am not saying to have goals is stupid, but to set a goal for the year – let’s say I want to earn six figures this year. Okay how do I do that, well I must get an income which makes this goal reachable, and the most ideal job is probably a freelance job or to become an entrepreneur.

But hold on a second. How would I get the six figures? Well now the organization comes into play (check out Julie’s blog on this, she is also teaching English in Madrid), narrow down the objectives which will lead to the $100’000 you want – more view on the website, better marketing, improve content etc.
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I had a chat with my Cuban flat mate the other day, and we discussed the New Year’s Resolution. I told him New Years Resolutions are stupid, and that they usually are unreachable. I value long term goals. I have made a list of things I want to achieve before I die, I wrote this list in 2017 when I lived in Norway. One of the goals were to become a bartender, I have no idea why I wanted to become this, I would probably not make the best Cosmopolitan but who knows. The other goal was to get a bachelor’s in chemistry, this never happened because I lost motivation for it, and I understood that I could not stay in the University as a student much longer. It was not for me.

Another goal was to become a millionaire before I die. Now this is a big goal. I would probably not reach this goal in 2019, but since I set the date on before I die, I can now just take it easy and think through different ways of becoming the new Warren Buffet. I will take many good and valuable choices this year and hopefully climb one more step on the ladder to success. Then next year I climb 2 more steps and who knows, maybe I will lie on the deathbed with a million dollars stacked on my lap.

In conclusion I want to tell everyone reading this to take a deep breath. Breathe in the life you got right now and enjoy it. Because I assure you that this will make the day so much better than to stress out about goals.
When speaking of goals, I also want to become a better writer. This blogpost hopefully made me a slightly better writer than yesterday. Maybe, maybe not. Your opinion will be the judge

Hasta luego!

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