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Starting fresh for the New Year – view from an English teacher in Madrid

A new year has arrived!

A new year has arrived. New possibilities, and this is the perfect time to start with something new – or to get a fresh start.
What I do is to take a long break during Christmas for 2-3 weeks like a Norwegian, and then (now) the batteries are charged. Now I can think outside the box and have a new perspective on things.

So what is there to do after the new year? Well the first thing that might be of importance is to get back to work. This is maybe the MOST difficult thing to begin with, but like my Cuban friends said to me: “It’s just work man.”
Second thing to do is to get some exercise started. Hit the threadmill. And while you’re at it get a tasty smoothie going (I recommend a mango smoothie).
Third thing is to just get back to the daily routines. Get to work, do some exercise and then eat proper food - one thing I did during the Christmas was to eat unhealthy food, lots of it. Change the diet might be a small hassle, but you’ll get through it, trust me.

Now after the automated routines are set, it is time to get on with some of the New Year’s resolutions. To learn Spanish (mine), to start cooking class, to get more fit, improve your English grammar. The latter is my specialty so just contact me anytime for English classes in Madrid.
One of the best things to focus on when learning English is the pronunciation:

- Won’t/want
- Good/would
- Tin/teen

All these words are very similar. So by practicing these for a minute before going to bed you will become very good in learning English. These are tips from a bilingual teacher in Madrid.

So good luck with the English language and see you soon!

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