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Businesses in Madrid - why English classes are so important

Why companies scale with English grammar

There are a lot of businesses in Madrid. Both Spanish and English-speaking companies, and because of this the demand for English language has increased. A lot. What I remember from when I lived in Norway and studied Chemistry is that the English grammar was excellent. Unfortunately I find the English skills in Spain not so good.
When looking around the city there are a lot of international companies – McKinsey & company, Universal pictures, General electric etc.

What do all these companies have in common – they need English classes. But where are the best English classes available?
Usually companies tend to choose freelance teachers who are giving private classes, there is nothing wrong with this, but if this teacher becomes sick or can’t come then the company gets no English classes.
Who should a business pick to become the next English teacher? Don’t pick a person, pick Oxinity – with this company there are always a lot of teachers available, so if one teacher gets sick , then another teacher can cover. It is a perfect system.

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So if picking Oxinity, what can be expected?

- Firstly: Great teachers! Every teacher has a certification (TEFL/CELTA/TESOL etc.) and are all very professional.
- Secondly: Very fun and interactive classes – the activities available are of high quality and they are renewed every week.
- Thirdly: High flexibility. Every class will be covered by a good and motivated teacher from Oxinity.

In conclusion I want to say that the demand for proper English is increasing by the day, and the only way to improve one’s grammar and vocabulary is by having English classes. If you work for a company don’t hesitate to sign up with us, and we will have the next class together.
Hasta luego!

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