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Which is best between 1 on 1 -and normal classrooms?

Why group classes or 1-on-1 classes are the best!

I personally like to teach students individually (1 on 1). When I am working in Madrid as an English teacher, I find the most progressive students as the ones who have 1 on 1 classes with me.

When learning a language one might think that the ideal place to learn is in a classroom with others, just like in High School. A classroom up to 10 people. This is a lot of students. Think about it, there is one teacher and one book/activities, how can the teacher be able to keep track and teach all of the 10 students? It is very difficult. Of course one can always find games and ESL-activities, but in the long run this will be exhausting for both parts.

So what do I mean when 1 on 1 classes are better, I will give you 3 bulletpoints to grasp:

1. Easier to keep track
2. More quiet
3. Progressive

  1. When I say easier to keep track, then I say that it is easy to write down notes on the single student, and to focus only on this for the class. If it is vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation or something else.
  2. A 1-on-1 class is more quiet, and both the student and the teacher have time to think and to focus.
  3. I find students in 1-on-1 classes the most efficient and progressive of all. The student usually have a good pace and is motivated.
So in summary I want to say that is you want a progressive class to learn the language quickly, then a 1-on-1 class is the ideal learning method, I would also recommend a group class of up to 8 people.
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