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English as a foreign or a second language

Why teaching a second language is awesome

I found it appropriate to talk about learning English as a foreign language. Since I am from Norway and I am a bilingual speaker, I think it is very important to speak about how it is to be teaching English as a second language here in Madrid.

When I was young I lived 1 year in the United States, California. Beautiful place to live. And here I attained most of my English speaking skills; I learned about the American culture, and also how to speak like an American citizen. I’m not saying that I speak like George Clooney, but I understand the concept of the american accent.

I would say that when learning a second language as a foreigner there are 3 rules:

  1. Focus: Don’t mix the native language when learning a new one.
  2. Discipline: Meet up in the class on a weekly basis and take notes.
  3. HAVE FUN: Don’t be too hard on yourself, laugh out loud and make jokes at times.

These three points are very important when learning a new language. Trust me I know what it’s like to focus on 2 languages at once, it can be hard at times. But just stick to the plan and it will be fine.

So if you are new to English and don’t know where to go then I can help you out, I offer English classes in bars, cafés and at homes in Alonso Martinez, Madrid.
From one foreigner to another – see you later and have a good day!
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