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Learning English as a second or a foreign language in USA!

Want to live by the beach in sunny California - USA?

I lived in Santa Barbara, California, USA for 1 year when I was 16 years old. I was in High School here and I learned English here as well in the school.
Why is California a great place to live? Well, I have 3 bulletpoints to cover:

1. Sunny weather all year
2. Very friendly people
3. Learning English

1. When speaking of sunny weather – one can go to the beach even in December, and from here catch a wave while surfing by the pier!
2. Friendly people in California – if you are a fan of nice and friendly people, then California is an excellent place, people are open and welcoming when meeting you.
3. Learning English as a second or foreign language – California is full of expats and foreign people, there are even communities for people from overseas. And together you can learn some English while playing volleyball by the beach with some local americans, solid!

So as a summary I wanted to say that if you always have wanted to travel to USA and to experience how it is like to live in this beautiful country, then don’t hesitate. Just do it, you will not regret it.
If you want some tips regarding living in estadios Unidos, then just contact me at any time, or sign up on a class with me down below and I see you later.

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