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Learning English in a bar in Alonso Martinez | I'm PUMPED UP about it!

Why we are over the moon about pancakes!

I just love English phrases. I am a fond user of phrases everyday of my life. I’m PUMPED UP about it.

So what are phrases, and why are they useful for the English language?
Well let me explain how the English world works. Let’s say we have a conversation together. I will say “Hello” and you will reply “good day” or something. Then when the conversation glides forward we want to spice the conversation a bit.
I just say: “You know, I’ve been working all day long. My HEAD IS SPINNING.”
My head is spinning: Means that my mind is tired and disordered and I need to relax.

This phrase alone made the conversation a bit more exciting and it got a better flow as well.
“Time is running out, we have to go!” Here the phrase ‘time is running out’, isn’t fully necessary, but it is useful in the context.

Below I have a few more phrases that are very handy in everyday conversations:

1. Ran into someone
2. To bump into
3. Over the moon

1. “I ran into my collegue on the way to work.” Means that you met your collegue unexpectedly.
2. (In the video above) “I bumped into your Porche.” Means that you crashed and damaged another person’s Porche, not good…
3. “I’m over the moon about getting promoted!” Meaning that you are very excited about getting the promotion.

Thanks for checking out my blog today, remember that you can always get pumped up with me in the next English class together in Alonso Martinez, Madrid.

See you around!

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