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Learning English in cafés in Madrid – why it is genius

Looking for a fun English class while drinking coffee!

I love teaching English in cafés. When I first started teaching I was only thinking about teaching in a classroom or in a closed room, either in students homes or somewhere quiet. But when I started working with Oxinity I was given classes in cafés. What’s this, learning English in a bar? How peculiar.

But I have to say after teaching a student in my bar in Alonso Martinez (Cafeteria Santander), I changed mindset. Teaching in cafés is very fun and interactive! One have a very interesting conversation with the student and we both feel like we are just hanging out, but we are actually learning English while drinking coffee!

So when looking for a teacher and a place to learn English, why on earth would one choose to learn English in a bar and not a school?
Well I can pinpoint it down:

1. Cafés are more lively: A lot of energy, good vibes and a warm coffee in the hand.
2. Very interactive: One can have a joke with the bartender, one can laugh out loud with joy and it would feel natural.
3. It is a metro stop away: When meeting up one can just meet at the closest bar, so if you live in La Latina then there are a lot of classrooms ready for us!

So in conclusion I would say that in the beginning I was a bit skeptical about the whole bar class thing, but after trying it out and getting more used to it I absolutely love the idea of having a class in a café. And I personally incourage you to follow me anytime you want.

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